Poems Fear You

By Monique Remy

Open your eyes You can’t see. Are you blind? Open your heart See me as

The creature of God That I am.

I know You’re afraid To look

Beyond my skin And find Beauty

Written all inside of me.


You had decimated the natives And enslaved my ancestors They were used and abused.

In many subtle ways

You still try to degrade us. You wish we could just vanish Into thin air

But, we are here to stay For you see

We did not ask to come here.

We will decide if, when, and where to go.

This land does not belong to you Any more than it belongs to us.

Never again will we be walked all over Our hearts beat and feel just like yours. Today and forever

We proclaim our humanness We decry your unfairness.

article original publié dans l’édition Janvier 2018 de Reflets Magazine, en P. 20 à : http://reflets.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/RefletMagDec2017February2018.pdf